East Hillsborough Democratic Club

Here’s what some of our members have to say about what it means to be a democrat:

Because it’s the thinking woman’s party.
  - Teresa McDermott, Valrico

I am a Democrat because I believe in working for a stronger middle class, a healthier environment, a level economic playing field, and a brighter future for not only my own family, but for ALL Americans.
  - Michelle Kenoyer, Riverview

I am a Democrat because I believe in a liberal view of life. The freedom to be able to come to my own conclusions is very important to me.
  - Alisha Johnston, Tampa

America needs a strong middle class, and the Democratic party is the only one working for that.
  - Elvira Weaver, Brandon

I am a Democrat because it allows my political beliefs to be most in line with my intentions for my community, my children and the living of my Catholic faith.
  - Rosalind Moffett, Dover

Because I was born into a Dem family and I’m old enough to remember FDR well.  We loved him!  Dems are “givers” not “takers”!!! 
  - "Bo" Barbara Nicholson, Sun City Center

Because Democrats stand up for Union working people who have set all work rules in this country.
  - Don Carpus, Valrico

I agree with their ideas and beliefs.  They’re for the middle class, pro-union, pro-choice, etc.  I feel very strongly about these beliefs.
  - Lisa, Valrico

I’m a Democrat to save my grandkids from “K” Street, Wall Street and the Mega Banks.
  - Kent Bailey, Thonotosassa

Because my faith in things other than me demand it.
  - Don Moffett, Dover

I like their core values.
  - David Nicholson, Sun City Center

I am a life-long Democrat that likes to paraphrase the philosophy of FDR's economic message, "That the test of our progress is not that we provide an abundance to those who have much, but to provide enough for those that have too little." 
  - Harry Palaynes, Valrico

I am a Democrat because I believe government should be a positive influence in the lives of working-class people and families.  I am a Democrat because I believe in social justice, broader prosperity, equal opportunity, and the overall notion of fair play.
  - Doug Tudor

Raised in Maryland, and a child of the "sixties," it was a natural choice (and wanted to vote in primaries). 
  - Nancy D. Renno, Riverview

I am a Democrat because I belive in human progress, equality, justice and the American Dream.
  - Ken Fiallos, Seffner

Because I care about equal rights, the environment, education, and those who slip between the cracks of our society.
  - Jean Wilson, Valrico

Because I believe that in order for our voices to be heard, we need to elect people that will be our voices and fight for us.  Our founding fathers said it . . . We the people!  They not say, only the property owners, business owners and those that  make $250,000 per year will reap the benefits of our labor.  It's for all Americans, those born here and those that have come to this great country and have become citizens.

  - Michele Yarbrough, Seffner​​

Our core values include a stronger economy, better quality education, an improved health care system, support for families and communities, protection of the environment, and greater American effectiveness in the world.

If by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people — their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties — if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal.“

                                              - John F Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – Nov. 22, 1963)




  • In a Stronger America:  We believe in a stronger economy, education, healthcare system, families, communities, environment and effectiveness in the world.
  • Broader Prosperity:  Free markets are not free. They are built to benefit someone. That doesn't make for the broadest prosperity. They should be built for the widest possible prosperity.
  • A Better Future:  All Americans deserve a better future - economically, educationally, environmentally. Lowering taxes for the elite rich and defunding programs such as Head Start doesn't propose a better future for all.
  • An Effective Government:  Smaller government doesn't always mean better - sometimes it just means ending social programs. Americans deserve an effective government.
  • Mutual Responsibility:  Conservative family values center around "every man for himself," discipline/punishment and are hierarchical. We believe in equal, two-way, shared responsibility that is built around caring and strength.

These beliefs were created from the Democratic Party platform, the Wellstone model and G. Lakoff's written works.

Other values that guide the EHDC include:

  • Securing our nation while protecting our civil rights and liberties;
  • Strong economic growth and expanding opportunities for all;
  • Affordable healthcare for all;
  • Retirement security; and
  • Open, honest, and accountable government.