East Hillsborough Democratic Club

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100% of our donations go to making our club stronger for positive change in our community.​  Thank you for your support!

You may donate by mail, in person at any EHDC meeting or by PayPal button below.  To donate by mail, please complete and print the form below and mail it with your check to:

  East Hillsborough Democratic Club
  Post Office Box 3383
  Brandon, Florida  33509-3383

You may also print a copy of the blank donation form using the link on the left.

Please be aware that your donation is not tax deductible.

Any Amount donation


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East Hillsborough Democratic Club.
P. O. Box 3383

Brandon, Florida  33509-3383

T-shirts are available at the club meetings. They can only be picked up at a meeting, We are asking for a $20 donation. You can use this button if you don't want to use cash for the donation

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