East Hillsborough County Democratic Club

We are trying something new this year. We are catering the party ourselves. That is the reason we need everyone to  prepay as we have to buy the food


December 8th, 2017

$35 Early Bird


Cake Choc & Van          Cookies

7 Pm to 10 PM

You can pay by check, cash or paypal.
$40.00 pp-pre-pay required
Early Bird Pricing
Payment prior to 11/15/17 $35.00

Payment after 11/28 /17 $45.00
Seats are limited!! Reservations are required. Therefore, there will be no admissions at the door

There will also be our usual drawing for prizes. We will need items to be used for this. All donations will be greatly appreciated.


Water    Soda    Ice Tea - Sweet & Unsweet

Beer    Wine - Red & White    Coffee & Tea

Food -Italian/American

All the trimmings to go with
Baked Ziti & Fried Chicken

$35 Early Bird